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What are Domestic NonStock Corporations fees in Connecticut?

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See forms and fees below:

A. Application for Reservation of Name    $60
B. Transfer of Reserved Name  $60
C. Application for Cancellation of Reserved Name  $60
D. Certificate of Incorporation  $50
E. Organization and First Report  $50
F. Certificate ofAmendment $20
G. Certificate of Merger (no form available) $20
H. Certificate of Dissolution $0
I. Certificate of Revocation of Dissolution $20
J. Annual Report (Filed Online) $50
K. Corrected Annual Report (must contact office for forms) $50
L. Certificate of Change of Address $50
M. Interim Notice of Change of Officer/Director $20
N. Change of Agent $20
O. Change of Agent's Address $20
P. Resignation of (File in duplicate; no form available) $20
Q. Reinstatement (Fee includes required annual report. For administratively dissolved corporations only) $160
R. Certificate of Correction (no form available) $20
S. Abandonment of Merger (no form available)  $20

Download PDF containing fees for all business services.

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