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Registering Your Business

Online. Hassle-free

Registering Your Business

Online. Hassle-free

Register your business today

Looking to open a new business in Connecticut? An important first step is to register your business with the State.

Of course, this is only one of many important "first steps" as you form your business. By this point, you probably already have a business plan, you've chosen a name and a business location, and you're likely already thinking about customers.

But before you open those doors, you'll want to register. This helps Connecticut keep an accurate public record of your business.

The good news is that you can complete the entire registration process online. That way, you can accurately record your new business with the State and get back to planning for opening day.

The registration process is fairly straightforward. However, before you start you'll want to gather a few key pieces of information:

- Your business name
- Your business street address
- Your business NAICS code
- A business email address
- The name of your business agent

There's a good chance you have some questions about this whole process, like - “what’s a NAICS code?” or “who is my business agent?"

We recommend you visit our new business checklist tool for the most comprehensive help in starting your business. In just a few short steps you'll have a personalized checklist that will guide you through the entire startup process - from registration to taxes to employees to insurance,

Check out some of the knowledge links below for additional help. Once you're ready, you can register your new business now.

Choosing a Business Name
Check Your Business Name

Your business name needs to be unique. This means that no other business in CT can already be using it.

Is the business name you want available?

Use our free lookup tool to find out.

Check Your Business Name
Find Your NAICS Code

What's a NAICS code? The quick answer - a 6-digit number associated with your business category so you know which permits and licenses you may need.

Ready to find yours? Use this simple NAICS search now.

Choose a Business Structure

There are many options for structuring your business. Which one you choose will affect things like tax liability and legal protection.


Need help deciding? Learn more about business structures now.

Choose a Business Structure