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Business Dissolution (Closing a business)

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Dissolution (closing a business)

Even if your business did not make money or file annual reports for several years, it may not be officially closed. Excluding trade names, "doing business as (DBAs)," a business is not closed until a dissolution has been filed. If you receive an annual report reminder from our office, your business is still considered active and may be subject to business entity tax. Please take time to file a dissolution online and save yourself unnecessary taxes and other fees. Filing is free.

Please also note that “dissolution” is a term only used for Domestic LLCs, Stock and NonStock Corporations. If your business is not one of these entity types, the document you need to file may be a “cancellation,” “withdrawal,” or “renunciation.”

There is no charge to file a dissolution. Please follow these steps to file:

Once you have successfully filed the dissolution your business will be dissolved. There will be no additional review by our office, and you will not be required to file past due annual reports.

Notifying Connecticut Paid Leave of Business Closing

Please note that if you had one or more employees in Connecticut, you will need to take the additional step of notifying the Connecticut Paid Leave Authority that your business is closed. For details on how to complete this process, visit CT Paid Leave Frequently Asked Questions --> Compliance --> What are the procedures companies must follow to notify us that they are closed/permanently shut down?

Closing Your Business Forms and Fees