Cyber Fraud Alerts

Cyber Fraud Alerts

FBI Fraud Alerts

FBI Issues Warning to Business Doing Business in China

Certain US companies doing business in China are being required to utilize government-approved tax software. The FBI has reason to believe that this software poses a cybersecurity risk. Additional information about this risk can be found in FBI FLASH Alert No. AC-000129-TT and AC-000131-TT. Any Connecticut company which has installed such software is encouraged to contact the FBI's New Haven Field Office at

New Businesses Warned of Legal Existence Solicitations

Attorney General Tong and Secretary of the State Merrill issued an alert to all new businesses about an ongoing illegitimate mailing urging customers to purchase a certificate of legal existence.  A certificate of legal existence is not a required part of the business formation (startup) process, although it is sometimes required by banks for opening accounts, closing on loans or other financial transactions.  Business needing a certificate of legal existence can request one online directly from the Secretary’s Office. See example of scam document. 

If you have any questions about certificates of legal existence, please email

Cyber Fraud Warnings