Fee Schedule

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Download a pdf file of all form fees.

I.       Domestic Limited Liability Companies
II.      Foreign Limited Liability Companies
III.     Domestic Stock Corporations
IV.     Domestic Nonstock Corporations
V.      Foreign Stock Corporations
VI.     Foreign Nonstock Corporations
VII.    Expedited Services
VIII.   Service of Process
IX.     Certificates/Copies
X.      Miscellaneous Filings
XI.     Limited Partnerships
XII.    Limited Liability Partnerships
XIII.   Foreign Limited Liability Partnerships
XIV.   Religious Corporations or Societies
XV.    Domestic Statutory Trusts
XVI.   Foreign Statutory Trusts
XVII.  Connecticut Partnerships
XVIII. Uniform Commercial Code
XIX.   Credit Unions
XX.    Trademarks
XXI.   Entity Transactions
XXII.  Trade Names

Make checks payable to the “Secretary of the State”

Note: Trade Names are not registered with the Secretary of the State Office. Connecticut General Statutes §35-1 requires that Fictitious Trade Names be registered with the Town Clerk. in which such business is or will be conducted.