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Administrative Dissolution


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Administrative Dissolution (Forfeiture)

Be sure to file your annual report every year, as your business entity may be administratively dissolved if you don’t file. This could cause serious inconvenience or worse to your business, including losing the rights to your trade name and Certificate of Good Standing. Please remember to file your annual report on time and minimize the possibility of damage to your brand and your livelihood.

A business entity that has been administratively dissolved is given the status “forfeited.”  If the business wishes to become active again, it must file a reinstatement. 

Once a business is forfeited, the business name becomes available.

We send reminders to LLCs when the annual report is due each year (between January 31 and March 31). We also post notice of administrative dissolutions on this website for at least 60 days beyond the annual due date. We mail individual notices of dissolution to the principal business addresses provided for our records. If you’re a domestic entity, you’re given three months to file an annual report and hopefully avoid administrative dissolution. Please bear this in mind when you receive notice that your annual report is due.

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