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Business Formation and Registration

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Business Formation and Registration

Are you opening a new business in Connecticut? If so, be sure that once you have a business name you register your business with the State. This establishes an accurate public record of your business right from the outset.

And here at Business One Stop you can complete the entire registration process online, devoting more time to your business and less on paperwork.

We know forming a business takes a lot of effort, and we’re here to help as much as possible. You probably can’t wait to set your new business plan in motion, and we’re excited for you. 

Please note: Obtaining a certificate of Legal Existence is not a required part of the business formation (startup) process. Read here about Legal Existence scams to avoid as a new business owner.

If you have questions about the registration process, please visit our new business checklist tool for more extensive guidance. The tool will generate your own personalized checklist that guides you through the entire startup process from A to Z.


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