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Certified vs Plain Copies

Read time: 6 minutes

How to Order Certified vs. Plain Copies

Copy requests filled by our office carry the following statutory fees:

Plain Paper Copy - $40
Certified Copy - $55

(Note: for expedited service, add $50 per requested copy)



1. Log in to your Business.CT.Gov account.

2. Click on the “Copy requests” link in the side menu.

Showing "copy requests" link in dashboard.

3. Click on “START NOW”.

Showing "Start Now" button.

4. You can request UCC and business copies online. Expedite option is also available for both.

5. Select the type of copy: Business/UCC and click “Next”.


Showing how to select copy type.

6. For business copy requests:

a. search and select the required business or select a business that is linked to your account.

How to select the business that is linked to your account.

b. Click on “Select filings” to select the filing.

Click on "Select filings".

c. Select “Filing no.”, “Copy type”, and “Expedite copy” (if required), and click “Next”.

Select the filings for your copy request.

7. For UCC copy requests:

a. Select the copy type you want and click “Next”.

How to select copy type.

b. Click on “Add filing number” and enter the filing number and expedite option (if required). Click “Next”.

Filing information screen.

c. After adding all the required filings, click “Next”.

Location of the "Next" button on the Filing Information screen.

8. Enter the mailing address and click “Next”

How to enter the mailing address.

9. Review the information and complete the payment for the copy request.

Reviewing the information, almost done.

"Congratulations!" screen at the end of the transaction.

10. If you only want plain copies, your request will be auto approved. An email will be sent to you with the copy of the requested filings and acceptance letter. It will also be available for download from the confirmation screen.

11. If you want a plain copy in a format not immediately available in BRS, or a certified copy; the copy request will be submitted inhouse for processing/approvals. Once the copy is approved inhouse, you’ll receive an email with the acceptance letter and copies attached.


All documents filed with our office, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, are available as a free plain paper copy between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Monday – Friday.

If you are faxing a request, please use our fax cover sheet.  

Copies are only available in black and white.  We cannot honor requests to provide color copies.

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