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Can I Get Access to Bulk Data and Image Services?

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Can I Get Access to Bulk Data and Image Services?

Our Business Services Division can help you with a variety of free and subscription-based search and data access services. Please see the list of bulk data and image services we offer below.

Business Entity Database - Subscription - $3,000/year
This subscription provides raw extracts of our business registry data and requires substantial understanding of database structures and formatting. Subscribers will receive a link to a SharePoint site where the data is located. Those currently receiving this data via FTP will continue to receive it via that method.

UCC Images - Subscription - $1,000/year
Subscribers receive a link to a SharePoint site containing PDF images of each UCC volume created and finished during the preceding month.

New Notary Data - Free
Users can search the eLicense System for individual notary records or download a roster of all active or inactive notaries. (Choose “Notary Public” from the License Type list)

Roster of all active notaries or inactive notaries (choose "Notary Public Appointees" and select Active or Inactive)

UCC Data - Free
This data set is updated nightly and provides all active UCC and other liens filed with our office. "Active" liens are liens that have not lapsed (expired). This data set is now available for free on the state's Open Data Portal. Data may be freely downloaded or accessed via API. For feedback or questions about this data set, please email our office directly at


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