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Welcome to the CT Business Reopen and Recovery Center for the State of Connecticut. This is your one-stop resource to help your business prepare, rebuild, and grow during the State’s Coronavirus response.

Latest Reopen Rules (as of May 1, 2021)

  • Amusement Parks      English/Espanol
  • Hotels/Lodging: English/Espanol
  • Indoor dining      English/Espanol
  • Indoor museums, zoos, and aquariums Indoor recreation (e.g., bowling, movie theaters, etc.)      English/Espanol
  • Libraries      English/Espanol
  • Outdoor events      English/Espanol
  • Personal services (e.g., nail salons, tattoo parlors, etc.)      English/Espanol
  • Sports and fitness facilities (e.g., gyms, fitness centers, pools, etc.)      English/Espanol
  • Social Clubs to follow all rules applicable to their operation (e.g. Restaurant, Pool)


Phase 1 Reopen Rules by Sector