Common Request Forms

Below are common forms used for filing with the Secretary of the State. Please read the descriptions before choosing to use the PDF form.  
Request for Copies Download

Request for CopiesBusiness and UCC copies can now be filed online.  Online copies are processed faster and will be returned to you by email. Log-in to and choose “copy requests” on the left. 

Processing times for copy requests received through email and mail will be slower and the document will be returned by mail. Post Office delivery times can be two weeks or more.  

Email Cover Sheet Download

Fax/email Cover Sheet is No Longer Available as of January 2022. To file a paper form, login to and choose "submit paper filing" on left side under the Business Center.

Expedited Service Request Download

Expedited Service RequestMost filings filed on are automatically accepted, so expedited service is unnecessary.  All business formations and changes of agent are reviewed by our office. Expedited service for these filings is available as a choice at the end of each online filing flow.  

Requests for Certificates of Legal Existence Download

Request for Certificates of Legal ExistenceOnly specially-chartered entities, banks, insurance companies, credit unions and other special entity types should use this form.  Common business entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and Nonstock Corporations (nonprofits) should request a legal existence online at

Log-in to and choose Manage Your Business > Verify of Obtain a Certificate

Refund Request Download

Refund RequestUse this form if you are requesting a refund from our office.