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What do I need to know about reporting new employees?

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When hiring new employees, there are certain obligations you need to note. The list below contains information to help you keep this process as efficient as possible.


Things to know about CT New Hire Reporting:


General Information About Reporting New Hires

  • All Connecticut employers are required to report all newly hired employees.
  • New Hire Reporting is not registration of an employee, it's just reporting that the event of an employee being hired has happened between a certain employer and a certain new employee on a certain date; the new hire report is akin to a snapshot of that event.
  • If an employee returns to work for your company after a separation of 60 days or more, the employee should be reported as a new hire.
  • The Date of Hire is the first day compensated services are performed by an employee.


Requirements and Forms

  • Reporting of new hires is required by Federal and State regulations.
  • The new hire information is usually reported on a CT-W4 form, which employers are required to have on file for each employee and is known as the Employee's Withholding Certificate. The CT-W4 form already has all the required employee information on one page. Most employers fax or mail in a copy of that completed form for each new hire.
  • Reporting must be done within 20 days of hiring a new employee.

Larger Employers and Third-Party Agents

  • Larger employers and/or Third-Party Agents usually find it more efficient to report their new hires via a specially formatted text file submitted via Secure FTP (you must submit a request for permission to report by this method).
  • FTP reporting must be done within 14 days of hiring new employees.
  • CTDOL is currently developing a data entry option. The date of availability is yet to be decided. Data entry will have the same 14-day deadline as reporting via secure FTP.

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