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Who is Eligible for Small Business Boost Fund Loans?

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Can I Apply for a CT Boost Fund Loan?


The Connecticut Small Business Boost Fund is a one-stop resource that helps small businesses thrive by issuing flexible low-interest loans, as well as hands-on support and guidance through the application process. The fund is designed to help historically underbanked and under resourced groups, including women, disabled individuals, minorities, and veterans. To be eligible for a Boost Fund loan your business must meet the following critera:

  • Have been operating in Connecticut for over one year
  • Employ less than 100 full-time employees
  • Have an annual revenue is less than $8 million

You can use your loan to invest in everything from equipment, to marketing, to renovation of your business premises. You'll be required to list your intended use of funds when filling out your application.

There is also a limited amount of financing available for start-ups that have been in business less than one year prior to application. To learn more, please visit the CT Small Business Boost Fund website and start moving your business forward today. 


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