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What is Metrix Learning?

Metrix Learning is a web-based learning management system designed to help unemployed, under-employed and dislocated workers who require new skills, enhanced skills, and certification training programs to prepare them for new employment opportunities. A Metrix Learning license provides 180 days of free and unlimited access to more than 5,000 online Skillsoft courses aligned to the needs of Connecticut employers. Whether it be individual skills, or a full industry-recognized certificate, Skillsoft courses can be tailored to your interests and skill-level through a variety of self-assessment tools to ensure you are positioning yourself for future success, while doing so at your own pace.

Who is eligible?

Metrix Learning is currently available to anyone who is receiving unemployment insurance or has applied for unemployment insurance.

How do you enroll?

If you are receiving unemployment insurance or have recently applied for unemployment insurance, please click the button above to visit the Metrix Skill Up website, where you can sign up for your free, 180 day, online learning license.

Why should you enroll?

Metrix enables recently laid-off workers to demonstrate the kind of initiative employers are looking for by upgrading their skills even while most brick-and-mortar education and training providers remain closed. Many of the courses offered through the Skillsoft catalog have been vetted by industry leaders to ensure the skills and certifications you are learning are aligned to industry demands. If you are already in the IT industry and wish to upskill, or if you are interested in pivoting into IT, there are a wide array of classes to help you achieve your specific career goals and position you for success in an IT career in Connecticut. The Skillsoft catalog also includes a range of courses on skills such as time management, leadership, and customer service, that will prepare you for success in any industry.

What can you learn?

Whether you are looking for entry-level or advanced coursework, Skillsoft has a robust library of more than 5,000 courses spanning information technology, business analysis, customer service, project management, digital literacy, and systems development with companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, among other topics. In addition, Skillsoft offers popular business certificates such as project management or agile methodology offered by Six Sigma, SHRM, and others.

To ensure you have ample support throughout your online learning journey, you will have access to a technical support team to help you navigate the Metrix system and address any technical issues, as well as career coaches at your local workforce development board to offer additional assistance in determining the right courses and pathways for you.

Enroll with Metrix Learning

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