Managing Your Business Taxes

You will need to manage and keep track of various types of taxes when running your business.

Proper collection and distribution of taxes is vital for keeping your business current with the State.

Use our tax knowledge base to stay aware of tax rates, tax laws, and important dates on the business tax calendar. 

Starting with a Business Plan
Your Business Location

Sales and Use Tax

If you sell something, you probably collect this common CT business tax.

Learn more about sales and use tax, from application to payment to renewal, right here.

Learn About Sales and Use Tax
Business Taxes

Corporate Business Tax

If you’re a corporation you'll already be familiar with this tax.

Find out if you're responsible for corporate business tax, and how to manage it.

Get Corporate Business Tax Info

Employee Withholding Tax

If you have employees, you're required to collect income tax from their wages.

Find out how business practices and employee location can affect income tax here.

Manage Withholding Tax