Getting a Trade Name Certificate (DBA)

Sometimes sole proprietors and some other types of business owners choose to operate their business under a different name. That's where the "doing business as" option comes in.

Under Connecticut law, anyone who does business under an assumed name (DBA) must file a Trade Name Certificate in the town clerk’s office in the town where their business is being conducted.

Are you interested in a DBA? Some points to remember:

- All people who are authorized to sign on behalf of the business must sign their name on the Trade Name Certificate
- You must get the forms notarized
- You must include a filing fee (currently $10)

Tradename Certificate
Trade Name Certificate

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Visit your town’s website to fill out a cancelation form.

File for a DBA locally

To get a trade name, you must file with the town clerk in the town where you'll do business.

Use this handy list of town governments to find your local clerk.
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Visit your town’s website or contact your town clerk for further questions.

Need a Notary for Your DBA?

You'll need your DBA trade name forms notarized. Here's a list of active notaries in the State.

(Hint: select "notary public" in the License Type field and then hit "search")

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What is a "DBA"?