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Certificate of Legal Existence

Your business's "birth certificate"

Certificate of Legal Existence

Your business's "birth certificate"

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Legal Existence?

A certificate of Legal Existence (also called a Certificate of Good Standing in some states) verifies that your business is registered with the State of Connecticut and is up-to-date with all your filing obligations. 

Most often, banks and other financial institutions require this document when it comes to closings and different kinds of financial transactions.

Getting this certificate is an easy process. And it may make your life a whole lot easier.

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Verify an Existing Certificate of Legal Existence

These legal certificates do have a shelf life. In fact, they are only good for 90 days.

Do you currently have a certificate of legal existence? Check here to see if it's still valid.


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Get a Certificate of Legal Existence by Mail

Would you rather apply for this certificate analog-style? You certainly can.

Just complete this form and mail or fax it in. Processing may take up to five business days.

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How do I apply for a certificate of Legal Existence?