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What are Some Common Trademark Mistakes?

Read time: 6 minutes

When you’re in the process of trademarking your business, try to be mindful of certain common mistakes that can cost you dearly later. Common trademarking mistakes include, but are not limited to:

Poor choice of brand name. Your business name should resonate with your target customer and express what you do using a strong, memorable image or word.

Failing to perform a complete search of trademark databases. A trademark attorney can safely secure your legal business name and mark, as they know which databases matter. You need to be sure nobody else is using the same mark as you, as it can be a serious problem after you’ve begun operating your business.

Failing to register your trademark. You should register all your marks in addition to your business name with the USPTO. This will protect your right to use the mark should your business expand into a region where the same or similar mark is already in use (see the previous point).

Failure to police your trademark. You should perform regular checks to be sure others aren't using your mark without your permission in a way that could damage your brand.

Failure to maintain ownership of your trademark. Always be sure to renew your trademark before renewal deadlines, as trademarks can be canceled immediately following a missed deadline.

These are just a few of the mistakes people commonly make when trademarking their business. We encourage you to research this topic and be sure your trademark is officially and permanently yours.

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