We're aware that some of our users are experiencing problems when setting up payment methods or making payments on Business.CT.Gov. We know it's important to you to submit your filings and conduct other transactions when you need to, so we've put together these solutions to common payment issues. 


Solutions to Payment Issues with Your Business.CT.Gov Account


Issue: On the initial payment screen, when you select “Add Credit Card” nothing happens, or you get Google Chrome sad face (or your browser equivalent).

Cause: Customer’s firewall is blocking Blackthorn payment terminal.

Solution: Unblock (whitelist) payments.blackthorn.io. Recommended, but not required, whitelist ct.gov.


  Issue: On the initial payment screen, you select “Add Credit Card” and it just spins.

Cause: This could be a firewall issue but might also be a cookie problem. 

Solution 1: Put browser into incognito mode.  If this works, delete browser cookies. 

Solution 2: If that doesn’t work, see #1 above.


  Issue: On the “Add payment” screen, you cannot add a payment. 

Cause: Your browser resolution is blocking the “Add payment” button from displaying.

Solution: Reduce your browser zoom setting to 90% (Ctrl key and "+" or "-").  


  Issue: When adding a payment, you get a “shipping error”.

Cause: You’ve already added the maximum 10 credit cards to Blackthorn Terminal.

Short Term Solution: Use one of your 10 cards already added to the terminal.