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Miscellaneous Filing Fees

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Miscellaneous Filings

See forms and fees below:


A. Certificate of Surrender of Special Charter/Certificate of Incorporation:
Stock Corporation $100

Non-stock Corporation $20

Appointment of Attorney for Foreign Corporation as Executor or Trustee a/k/a under the will $50

Appointment of Attorney for Banks Branches (Per county) $50

Certificate of Convenience $50

Foreign Business Trusts $50
Letter of Compliance $50
B. Appointment of Attorney for:

Non Resident Landlords $50

Real Estate $50

Circuses $50

Fireworks $50

Vendors (Cigarettes) $50

Railroad and Public Services Companies Mortgages (File in duplicate)  $50

Supplemental Indentures (File in duplicate) $50

Appointment of Agent Unincorporated Homeowners Associations $90

Change of Address $18
C. Insurance Company Domestication:  
  To Connecticut (Plus franchise tax)  $100
  From Connecticut $100

Download PDF containing fees for all business services.

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