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Domestic Stock Corporations Fees

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Domestic Stock Corporations Chapter 601

See forms and fees below:



Fee Amount

Application for Reservation of Name $  60
Transfer of Reserved Name $  60
Application for Cancellation of Reserved Name $  60
Certificate of Incorporation $250

Includes the minimum franchise tax if authorizing up to 20,000.00 shares.
Please see franchise schedule if authorizing more than 20,000.00 shares in
certificate of incorporation or if amending certificate of incorporation to increase
the authorized shared. See CGS 33-618.

Organization and First Report $150
Certificate of Amendment $100
Certificate of Merger $  60
Certificate of Dissolution $    0
Certificate of Revocation of Dissolution $  50
Certificate of Correction (no form available) $100
Annual Report (filed online) $150
Corrected Annual Report (must contact office for forms) $100
Interim Notice of Change of Officer or Director $  20
Reinstatement (fee includes required annual report and is for administratively dissolved corporations only) $300
Change of Business Address $  50
Change of Agent $  50
Change of Agent's Address $  50
Resignation of Agent (file in duplicate - no form available) $  50
Abandonment of Merger (no form available) $  60
Conversion (changing entity type) $  60
Domestication (changing state of formation only, not entity type) $100
Merger $  60 

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