Vaccines, masks and social distancing are the essential mainstays of COVID-19 safety. They apply not only to individuals, but also to businesses as well. Here are the latest guidelines for companies to be aware of.

Vaccine Mandates

After the Supreme Court's January 2022 ruling, there are no federal vaccine mandates for large private companies (100+). Now, it is up to states and local governments to decide if businesses are allowed to enforce their own vaccine mandates. 

In Connecticut, it is generally legal for businesses to require vaccines for their employees. However, they must also accommodate exemption requests based on religious and medical reasons. 

Mask Mandates

After February 28, 2022, masks are no longer required by the state of Connecticut in general public areas. Local governments can decide mask mandates instead. 

In addition, on February 25, 2022, the CDC published new mask requirements based on whether or not a United States county is considered low, medium or high risk. 

According to their online tool, seven out of eight of CT's counties are regarded as low risk. Middlesex is rated as moderate risk.

Since pandemic data trends can be expected to change and fluctuate, recent updates can be found using the CDC's county tracker

Social Distancing

CDC's guidance from February 25 does not require social distancing for people in low-risk counties who are up to date with their vaccines and boosters. However, their guidelines for medium risk areas are still unclear. 

Due to inevitable changes during the course of COVID-19, businesses should always stay informed with new developments in state, local and federal legislation as well as the latest CDC guidance.