The COVID-19 virus impacts our health, but we can't tell where it is in our environment. This is why regular cleaning and disinfecting for your business is important. 

According to the CDC, we need to be using a “layered approach” to keeping businesses safe. This involves using multiple mitigation strategies, such as cleaning, disinfecting and ventilation in addition to the basics (i.e., vaccines, masks, tests, social distancing and hand hygiene)

In addition, businesses may also consider supplemental approaches such as upper room UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) systems.

Cleaning Versus Disinfecting

Cleaning simply removes micro-organisms, as well as dust and debris. It can be accomplished using household soaps and detergents. Cleaning also involves vacuuming which can help break up concentrations of bacteria and viruses.

On the other hand, disinfecting works to actually kill germs. So what products are effective during COVID-19? The EPA List-N has a list of approved products for disinfection. 


Don't Forget Ventilation 

Like vacuuming, ventilation also helps to break up viral concentrations. It also increases the influx of fresh, clean air while diluting contaminants, according to the CDC.

Ventilation approaches include:

  • opening windows and doors

  • using fans with open windows

  • improving central air filtration

  • upgrading ventilation systems (e.g., HVAC) 

When it is not possible to significantly improve room ventilation, UVGI systems can help destroy and inactivate the SARS-Cov-2 virus. 

Developing A Routine

At your business, people come and go all the time. Since we cannot detect where the COVID-19 virus is in the environment, we have to take precaution. In addition to relying on masks and vaccines to help slow or prevent transmission, we have to also make effort to try and remove viral bodies through routine cleaning and disinfecting practices.

According to the CDC, high touch surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected every day. 


When Someone is Sick with COVID-19

Besides your normal routine, you need to especially clean, disinfect and ventilate areas when someone with COVID-19 was at your facility within the 24 hours. 

The Case for Cleaning, Disinfecting and Ventilation

While vaccines help protect our bodies and masks reduce the transmission of COVID-19, cleaning, disinfecting and ventilation give us even more control over the virus within our environment. On top of basic safety measures, businesses can adopt these strategies to help reduce, remove and destroy the Coronavirus within their facilities.