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What is the most efficient way to file with SOTS?

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What is the most efficient way to file business and UCC transactions with SOTS?

There are three ways you can file business and UCC transactions with our office. You'll see them listed below, from most to least efficient.

1. Best method (most efficient): Use online filing flows via Business.CT.Gov

The left sidebar of your business dashboard in Business.CT.Gov

  • Acceptable payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex
    ACH (e-check) anticipated Q1 2022
  • Fastest method, and many of your filings will be automatically accepted
  • Expedited service for business filings is now available for an extra fee
  • You can make all common business filings through online flow
  • All types of UCC transactions are available through online flow
  • UCC transactions are automatically accepted and indexed online instantly
  • All accepted filings are returned by email and are available on the “my filings” page of your dashboard
  • There’s less chance of your filing being rejected (a 2% rejection rate)

2. Next best method: Submit a paper filing via Business.CT.Gov


 The "Submit Paper Filings" link in your Business.CT.Gov dashboard.


  • Submit any business filing as an attachment and pay online
    Acceptable Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex
  • There’s a greater chance of rejection than using online flows (paper rejection rate is 23%)
  • Most appropriate for third party filers who need to attach customized documents to filings
  • Faster than paper filing, but slower than online filing flows

3. Slowest method (least efficient): Physical paper filing (mail, FedEx, UPS, hand delivery*)

  • Acceptable Payment Method: Check/Money Order Only
    Due to credit card security, we no longer accept credit cards as a payment method for physical paper filings
  • This is the slowest method for us to process, and the slowest method of delivery back to the customer
  • No expedited service is available for physical paper filings

*We no longer accept filings via fax.


You can find more information about methods of filing here

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