Connecticut’s Paid and Family Medical Leave (PFML) program issues benefits for many health conditions. However, for COVID-19, a person’s condition needs to be serious. Simply being diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 and having to quarantine/isolate do not qualify for medical, and family paid leave. 

What is A Serious COVID-19 Condition?

To qualify for PFML benefits for themselves, employees must provide documentation from their health care provider to show that they have a serious form of COVID-19.

This documentation must support criteria such as:

  1. An overnight hospital or medical facility stay

  2. Inability to work for 3 days

  3. Ongoing medical treatments

Examples of ongoing medical intervention includes:

  • Single appointment with a medical provider with follow up care (e.g., prescription medications)

  • Multiple appointments with a health care provider

  • Treatment by a medical provider (at least twice a year) due to an exacerbated chronic condition resulting in the employee not being able to work for occasional periods. 

Family Members and Serious COVID-19 Medical Conditions


If an employee has to care for a family member with COVID-19, the condition must also be serious. 

To receive family leave benefits, the employee must submit certification by a medical provider showing that their family member requires ongoing medical treatments, according to at least one of the criteria listed above.